Invasive Species Solutions Symposium

Hosted by BiodiverseCity St. Louis

Invasive Species Solutions Symposium

On Thursday November 14, OSC attended a regional Invasive Species Solutions Symposium hosted by BiodiverseCity St. Louis. The program featured local speakers as well as speakers from across the country who presented their current research on invasive species solutions. Dr. Ryan McEwan from the University of Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Theresa Culley from the University of Cincinnati, Allison Brown of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Mike Saxton of Shaw Nature Reserve and Stephen Packard of the North Branch Prairie Project contributed to the day’s programming. OSC received a shoutout for our Operation Wild Lands program, specifically our work with the College School students removing invasive bush honeysuckle. Read more here.

Later that evening, BiodiverseCity hosted a public presentation as part of the “Wild Ideas Worth Sharing” series featuring these speakers and their findings.

A main takeaway from the symposium was the need for conservation organizations to continue working together to fight invasive species in our region and protect our native ecosystem. OSC is proud to have contributed to invasive removal efforts over the past decade in various public open spaces like Deer Creek Park, Forest River Trail Park and on the Al Foster Trail. We are also proud of the partnerships with local conservation organizations, municipalities, companies, schools and generous funders that made these events possible.