Passport To Clean Water

Passport to Clean Water

Passport to Clean Water is an educational program which seeks to engage youth and their families about regional land and water stewardship in the Meramec, Missouri, and Mississippi River watersheds. Approximately 10 organizations from across the St. Louis region come together multiple times every year to offer conservation education for kids aged 6-14 following watershed clean up efforts.

Beginning in 2023, this event will be hosted 3 times annually at Confluence Trash Bash, Operation Clean Stream, and River des Peres Trash Bash.

Following each of these watershed cleanup events, our volunteer teams come together for Passport to Clean Water and a free picnic. Examples of past conservation activities include an Environscape demonstration, a water filtration demonstration, and a demonstration of the impacts of trash on wildlife via x-rays. 



Join us for Passport to Clean Water on August 26th!

On August 26th, Passport to Clean Water will follow Operation Clean Stream, a Meramec River watershed cleanup that spans dozens of cleanup sites. Volunteers from Operation Clean Stream and the public are invited to join in on the fun, learn about all about water, and enjoy a free picnic.

Participants will learn about how pollution affects native wildlife, water quality indicators, observe samples of macro-invertebrates and more! Kids will receive a passport to be stamped by each activity booth in exchange for a small prize.

To learn more about this year’s Passport to Clean Water, visit our volunteer portal.

Everyone can help make our watersheds healthier, cleaner places. We hope to see you out there!



Are you interested in participating in a future Passport to Clean Water event as an educator? Let us know you’re interested HERE! We will reach back out to you with more information about participating as an educational booth. Thanks for your support of clean water.

This year, we will also be hosting a pop-up Passport to Clean Water event during the month of October, so check back in for updates on that!

In the meantime, click here to take a look at some conservation activities you can do at home to learn about clean water and biodiversity.

Passport To Clean Water is presented by the Open Space STL in coordination with other environmentally-focused organizations in the St. Louis area.

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