Budget Dumpster's Generous Donation

Waste Hauling Efforts for 2023 River des Peres Trash Bash

Budget Dumpster – Donation to River des Peres Trash Bash 2023

In 2023, Budget Dumpster generously reached out and donated an additional dumpster for use in the River des Peres Trash Bash.

Budget Dumpster is a dumpster rental company that serves homeowners, business owners, and nonprofits across the United States. They covered the cost of the roll-off dumpster rental and waste disposal through its in-kind Dumpster Donation program, which supports nonprofits in a variety of ways.

By having an additional dumpster, our municipal waste hauling partners, consisting of 5 cities and 19 public works staff, did not have to travel as far with their dump trucks full of volunteer-collected trash. This allowed for a more efficient waste management plan and less mileage for the trucks. This dumpster, strategically placed at Brentwood Sports Complex, was an incredible asset to our event and allowed us to increase our impact in protecting our River des Peres Watershed for environmental protection and community health.

Thanks to Budget Dumpster for their contribution to our waste-removal process!

“This cleanup has an incredible impact on both the community and the
environment. Volunteers are able to get outside, get their hands dirty, and give
back to their community, which, in turn, positively impacts the plants, animals,
and even us as humans, because it keeps our water clean and safe. By hosting
an event like this each fall, we are able to keep chipping away at the trash that
litters our watershed, and maybe eventually, we won’t even need to host the
event because all the trash will be gone!”

– Hannah Gibson, Open Space STL Volunteer Program Manager

For more information on how you can use Budget Dumpster for your trash hauling needs, visit https://www.budgetdumpster.com/st-louis-mo-dumpster-rental-missouri.php or call 314-480-5878