Volunteers Plant Willows to Stabilize Riverbank

Willows Help Fight Erosion

Volunteers Stake Willows to Stabilize Riverbank

This past week, volunteers participated in an innovative willow staking project along a stretch of riverbank in Lower Meramec Park. On Friday March 8th, volunteers harvested, cut and prepared 350 willow stakes. On Monday March 11th, volunteers planted the 350 willow stakes along 6,000 square feet of riverbank. We’ll be monitoring the willows this year as they grow and help provide a native root system in the bank to combat erosion. To learn more about the process and why willows are used for stabilizing banks, read our previous blog post. 

A huge thanks to our volunteers who came out to get muddy and help restore habitat through this project! Special thanks to Great Rivers Greenway DistrictSt. Louis County Parks, private funders, and Open Space Council members for their support.