Operation Clean Stream

Set to go on Aug. 27th!

Operation Clean Stream Will Continue!

Is Operation Clean Stream still happening?

Yes, with the exception of George Winter Park in Fenton.

We are thrilled to let you know that the majority of sites will be participating on August 27th, with the exception of George Winter Park in Fenton.  Because of the unique logistics & number of boaters who travel from out of town for this particular site, we had to make a tough decision last week. We chose to err on the side of caution and are rescheduling the George Winter Cleanup until October 15th.

We are thrilled to tell you that all land-based cleanups will be held and water based cleanups are expected to continue as long as future rain doesn’t cause unsafe river conditions. At the moment, we do not expect significant precipitation in the watershed that would negatively impact water quality or safety of boaters.

Should conditions change, the Open Space Council will keep volunteers up-to-date via our website and social media.  We encourage volunteers to use their best judgment when making decisions to participate via boat.  Should you have any questions, you are encouraged to reach out to your trip leader or to Open Space Council staff by emailing info@openspacestl.org

What’s going on with the waste water treatment plant?

The Metropolitan Sewer District has been in close contact with our staff to ensure the safety of Operation Clean Stream volunteers from Fenton to the Mississippi River.  It is important to note that the majority of the Operation Clean Stream volunteer sites are above the affected portion of the Meramec River and are not impacted.

For those stretches of the Meramec River from Fenton to the Mississippi, water quality testing is currently underway to verify that the Fenton Waste water Treatment facility is meeting regulatory requirements, and the Open Space Council anticipates the Metropolitan Sewer District to lift the advisory for the Meramec River in the coming 48 hours.  Once this happens, we will be sure to share this information with you.

What is the weather looking like?

We are optimistic that precipitation levels will be low this week and that Saturday’s event will be a perfect day to get out on the water.  But as the famous horticulturalist Frederick Frye Rockwell said, “Few things are so certain to be uncertain as the weather.”

Where can I get future updates?

Please continue to check our social media pages or visit our blog for updates & information regarding Operation Clean Stream.  If you haven’t had a chance to sign up to help out, please visit www.openspacestl.org/volunteer today!