Holiday Open House

Fun, festive night of networking & awards

Our Annual Holiday Open House

IMG_3475December 1, 2015, Open Space Council hosted our annual holiday open house. 80 friends joined us for networking and an awards ceremony.  Three awards were handed out by our President of the Open Space Council Board, David Biggs Jr., and Executive Director, Kat Dockery.

The Open Space Council Board of Directors chose the Robert J. Trulaske Family Foundation to receive our annual Land Conservancy. This award is given to individuals ad organizations that have shown an outstanding contribution to enhancing, conserving, or sustaining our region’s open spaces. The board selected the Family Foundation because of their dedication to protecting the natural environment for generation to come through their conservation and preservation of open spaces. They helped secure land of conservation importance, safeguard key ecosystems in our region, and offer long-term green spaces to our growing operation. Below are representatives receiving the award.IMG_3499

The William C. Schock Clean Water Conservation is named for William C. Schock, a prominent St. Louis attorney and past member of the board of directors for the Open Space Council of the St. Louis Region with an infatuation for our beautiful free-flowing Missouri rivers and streams. His work led to the development of Operation Clean Stream continuing over 48 years. The award is given to individuals, companies, corporations or organizations that has made a significant contribution to the health and quality of the clean water resources in the St. Louis region. Tri Rinse, Inc. owner, Mike Morgan, was recognized for ensuring the proper disposal of 1,600 tires from the Meramec Basin through Operation Clean Stream in addition to properly disposal of empty or out of compliance pesticide containers, assist with the proper recycling of jugs, drums, bulk tanks, tires, and containers of all sizes.IMG_3506

FInally, the President’s Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary efforts to preserve land and water resources in our region. This year’s recipient has dedicated countless hours to the preservation and restoration of Kirkwood’s 93 acre, Emmenegger Nature Park removing invasive species from the park and replacing with desirable native plants. Making it her mission to care for this unique open pace, Gwyn Wahlmann led hundreds of girl scouts to restore the Meramec watershed through Operation Clean Stream.IMG_3512

We so appreciate all that these people and organizations do to make our region a better place to live and appreciate everyone who came out to join us for the open house.  See you next year!