Recent Rain Impacts Operation Clean Stream

Fenton to the Mississippi River

Important Message Regarding Operation Clean Stream

Recent heavy rains across the Meramec Watershed produced significant amounts of storm water, flooding the Metropolitan Sewer District’s sewage treatment plant in Fenton.   The primary and secondary treatment processes at the plant are fully functioning; however, the ultraviolet light treatment used to disinfect the water is offline. The Metropolitan Sewer District is working to bring this functionality back online.  In the meantime, water quality testing is being conducted on the Meramec River, and we will review those results as they become available.

While there is no immediate threat to the public’s health or safety, the public is advised to avoid contact with the Meramec River from Fenton, Missouri, to the Mississippi River (see portion of river highlighted in yellow below).  It is important to note that the majority of the Operation Clean Stream volunteer sites are above the affected portion of the Meramec River and are not impacted.

Safety of our Operation Clean Stream volunteers is the Open Space Council’s number one priority. As water quality data becomes available, we will provide up-to-date communication regarding the health of this portion of the Meramec.  Please continue to check our social media pages and visit our blog at www.openspacestl.org/blog for updates & information regarding Operation Clean Stream.

Meramec Map

Section highlighted in yellow is downstream of MSD Wastewater Treatment Plant