Our History

Our History:

The Open Space Council has been in existence since May 1965.  Throughout our history, we have played an integral role in:

  • Restoring and supporting a clean and healthy Meramec River.
  • Helping establish Castlewood State Park, Forest 44 Conservation Area and Beetree County Park.
  • Restoring more than three thousand acres of land, and almost 500 miles of river.
  • Permanently conserving an urban organic farm, which Earthdance Farms now owns & operates.
  • Helping to thwart efforts to dam the Meramec River.

As stewards of nature, we work to maintain the integrity of land and waterways for practical purposes, recreation and their natural beauty, to be enjoyed now and for generations to come. Through environmental and community building events such as Operation Clean Stream and Operation Wild Lands, The Open Space Council seeks to raise awareness about the importance of land and water conservation and the value of clean water.

In addition to restoring and maintaining the region’s already dedicated open spaces, the organization’s ongoing work includes identifying areas that can be acquired and set aside for public use and discouraging improper land use and detrimental development.  Acting as a Land Trust, we raise and provide funds for new open space projects, offering land owners an alternative to development. We recognize our region is fortunate to have designated national, state, and local parks as well as other open spaces.  We work hard to protect this great privilege.


Old cars littered the banks of the Meramec River when the Open Space Council began working there in 1965.