Project Update on Willow Stakes

Willows Thriving in Lower Meramec Park

Update: Willow Stakes in Lower Meramec Park

It has been almost 10 months since Operation Wild Lands volunteers harvested 350 willow stakes in George Winter Park and planted them along ~6,000 square feet of barren riverbank in Lower Meramec Park. The willows were planted as part of a pilot project to help combat soil erosion on the riverbank using a native plant root system.

After a site visit in August, it was determined that nearly all 350 willow stakes had survived the spring and summer flooding, with 18 of these plants beginning to “leaf out.” As of December, the willows remain  along the riverbank. We look forward to their continued growth!

The willow staking project is located along a section of the Meramec Greenway Trail in Lower Meramec Park in St. Louis County. We encourage community members to enjoy the trail and look out for the willow staking project! Want to help us plant more willows? Volunteer in February 2020 – more info here!

In August 2019:

In December 2019: