50th Anniversary

Revisiting our roots

Travel Through Time With Open Space Council

On May 25, 1965 the Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region was formed with a single goal: to protect, conserve, and sustain the natural environment, parks, and rivers. Nearly 50 years have passed since that day, and a lot has changed. But this mission has stayed constant throughout the test of time.

Back then we were hailed as St Louis’ first activist environmental/conservation group, and since then we have lived up to that title. We have had our hands in everything from securing land and growing the park system to restoring farmlands and waterways, and haven’t missed a beat.

But we could not have been successful without the help of all of our members and volunteers. Change stems from motivated individuals and this is a resource that Open Space Council has been fortunate to have access to since the beginning.There is so much history to cover and too many people to thank in such a short post.

Here’s to a successful 50 years. If you would like to get involved check out one of our volunteer events or become a member and help us make the coming years just as amazing.

If you would like to read our full history, we would love to share it with you. Long-time volunteer board member, Bob Rubright, has complied a 50th Anniversary History for the occasion, which can be found here: OSC50thAnniversaryHistory


CollageAlso check out some photos from our 50th Anniversary Celebration courtesy of Scott Emmelkamp:


Our guests enjoy some refreshments as they celebrate the past 50 years.


0503151348b Robert Rubright (past OSC President) and Kat Dockery (Executive Director) talk about the history of The Open Space Council and how far we have come.