Honeysuckle Hack

Even in cold, snowy weather!

Tilles Park

On Friday, February 20, over 20 people braved the cold and snow and came out to Tilles Park to help us remove invasive bush honeysuckle.  This enthusiastic group of volunteers, many participating in UMSL’s Day of Service, accomplished lots of good work, contributing to the health of that park’s ecosystem. Tilles Park staff really went out of their way to accommodate this first OWLs of 2015. Their willingness to open up their warm service bay/lunchroom for sign-in/warm ups/lunch area made the logistics of getting the event started MUCH easier. They even rolled out their extra enclosed Kubota as an onsite warming station. Along with our wonderful volunteers, our Restoration Specialist and Executive Director, several board members also helped to make this day a great success. Because of the frozen snow, we could not get to all the roots of the plants, but we have scheduled another date to do that.  Join us on Saturday, March 7, to complete this important and environmentally healthy work.  Register today!

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Thank you Volunteers!  We really appreciate you!!

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