Operation Clean Stream

Operation Clean Stream

Operation Clean Stream 2014

Helped spur the Lower Meramec River Watershed’s renaissance, and is in large part responsible for returning the river to its former glory.  Gone are the days when dilapidated bank-side cabins lined the river, and trash that included cars and home appliances were common sights lodged along its shores.  Today, the Meramec River Watershed is a pristine tribute to the thousands of volunteers who have worked throughout the past 40-plus years to reclaim and maintain this area gem.

    “When an area is kept free of trash and other debris, visitors are more respectful and reluctant to add trash to the area.”
– 30-year veteran volunteer, Jerry Castillon

– See more at: http://openspacestl.org/events#sthash.KBC9ykbF.dpuf

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