Meramec River Tributary Alliance

Meramec River Tributary Alliance

The Meramec River Tributary Alliance (MRTA) is a collaboration that came together in 2006 to work towards creating a common vision for the Meramec River Basin. The group meets 2-3 times per year to discuss and collaborate on projects and objectives throughout the Watershed and is coordinated by The Open Space Council and The Nature Conservancy.

MRTA1_bodyMRTA participants include governmental agencies, nonprofits, city planning and parks departments, and engaged citizen volunteers. If you are interested in attending an MRTA meeting, please email info@openspacestl.org to be added to the email list.

The MRTA collaboratively organized and hosted Meramec Basin watershed planning in 2014 and is currently working to implement the “Conservation Action Plan” (CAP) to increase the quality of the Meramec Watershed.  You can learn more about the CAP plan by clicking here.