Give STL Day is May 6th

Give STL Day is May 6th!

This is a 24-hour online giving event to inspire the St. Louis community to come together and contribute charitable dollars that support the work of local nonprofits, such as the Open Space Council. 

Your donation on Give STL Day will be used by the Open Space Council’s Land Trust program to continue our efforts to purchase and acquire important land for conservation and the protection of open space.  

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What is the 30×30 goal?

The new Administration declared an Executive Order to help restore balance on public lands and waters, create jobs, and provide a path to align the management of America’s public lands and waters with our nation’s climate, conservation, and clean energy goals.  One of the most exciting parts of this Order, at least for the Open Space Council, is the goal to conserve 30% of America’s lands and ocean by 2030 by supporting local, state, private, and tribally led conservation and restoration efforts. 

We are currently actively involved in conserving important land as we are in the final stages of purchasing 156 acres of land near Eureka, MO which will be permanently protected as open space.  We look forward to putting our resources, including the contributions raised through Give STL Day, toward our part in achieving the 30×30 goal.