Operation Wild Lands Honeysuckle Hack and Native Planting

Beautifying the Centennial Greenway

Operation Wild Lands on the Centennial Greenway

On November 14, 2015, the Open Space Council’s Operation Wild Lands hosted an event planting native species on the Centennial Greenway behind Clayton High School. This was a continuation of our previous work along the Centennial Greenway two weeks earlier. The objectives for this event were consistent with those on our earlier work day. In the time since the first event, the remaining native species were planted by AmeriCorps volunteers. Therefore one group of our Operation Wild Lands volunteers focused on honeysuckle removal while another group spread mulch on the 300 new plants.IMG_3239




We were happy to welcome volunteers, totaling 22 people, from Monsanto, eTeen Bible Study group, Washington University, and the general community to the event. One of our volunteers was a return honeysuckle hacker, having previously volunteered with us at Tilles Park. Thanks to all of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication!

IMG_3230  IMG_3227