Operation Wild Land on the Deer Creek Greenway

Honeysuckle Hacking with the Webster University Women's basketball team and 7th graders from The College School

Operation Wild Lands on the Deer Creek Greenway

On October 7, 2015 Open Space Council’s Operation Wild Land hosted a Honeysuckle Hack at Rocketship Park in Maplewood, along the Deer Creek Greenway. Located off of Laclede Station Road, the Spaceship themed park includes trails, baseball and soccer fields, and a stream. Two groups, a 7th grade class from the College School and Webster University’s Woman’s Basketball Team, took time from their day to assist.


This stream is visible after the hard work from previous volunteers earlier in the year removing many invasive species, primarily Honeysuckle. Webster University’s Woman’s Basketball Team worked along the steep bank uprooting Honeysuckle and removing weeds improving on the progress using mattocks, pullerbear, loppers, and saws.

The 7th grade class was eager to begin working further down on the trail and into dense overgrowth of Honeysuckle. At first the task appeared daunting because the overgrowth intertwined together from large, thick Honeysuckle plants. Beginning with pruning the plants down with the loppers and sawing through large trunks, the class built a large pile along the baseball field’s left field. This gave Jay the opportunity to spray the stumps preventing future growth. Fall is the best time for removal and spraying as the plants energy shifts to the roots, away from the leaves in preparation for cooler temperatures.


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